Stay plan

To artistic evening as well as a check

of the murmuring of a rising tide.

I’ll guide you all kinds’ plan at which you’re staying.

Standard plan and upgrade plan

It’s satisfied with Japanese seafoods in season! Dinner upgrade plan

Dinner is 3 and the contents which can enjoy about 4 pieces of seafoods on Shonai beach fully more much more than a usual plan.
A period: All seasons

Your reservation is from this.

Season of gourmet meals! Autumn enjoying plan

The Sato mountain products by which autumn in Yunohama is mushroom as well as seafoods, etc. are also good. It’s the season appreciated most for a gourmet.
A period: 8/22-11/22

Your reservation is from this.

TAKEYA hotel recommendation! Winter choice plan

The chloride spring which becomes warm from a core of a body fits winter! Everything is also rich in the winter ingredients from Sea of Japan, and only something good.
A period: 11/23-11/30

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The plan recommended to group

【With a private room hot spring!】By separation, comfortably, plan

It’s possible to enjoy the 2nd floor of hot spring a sea can look through fully by separation of making. Please spend some luxurious time.
A period: All seasons

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Recommendation! VIP room plan

You can use the VIP room with a nice view where you can get a bird’s-eye view of the Sea of Japan from the 8th floor “Chokai”.
A period: All seasons

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Banquet plan with an attendant

The special plan which fits a banquet with an attendant. Please choose from 3 courses.
A period: All seasons

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An annual celebration, the same class meeting and alumni association

Commemoration of an annual celebration with a dear face. Such event, this palace, I’ll support. Please use it profitably by a privilege variously.
A period: All seasons

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Day trip plan

With a lunch! Day trip satisfied plan

The break in the private room and plan for day trips of the bamboo shop recommendation in which lunch was included. In the dish which is good while seeing the Sea of Japan, gusto.
A period: All seasons

Your reservation is from this.

Information on hunt of fruits
Cherry hunt and grape picking can enjoy apple hunt and pear hunt at Mr. KUDOU sightseeing farm in Tsuruoka-shi from the beginning of June to the end of October.
The customer who has reserved hunt of fruits from our HP can use the hunt discount ticket of fruits which can be used at Mr. KUDOU sightseeing farm.

The attention when being a stay for several days
According to the date, reservation by another plan or a period, I span, and, when having made a reservation, it’s very troublesome, but please reserve whether you’ll make a reservation from a vacant room calendar for each 1 day more than following page.
The plan different according to the day, in case of use and a period, I span, and, your reservation is this.
Attention of a pick-up service
It’s being welcomed and sent off to in front of JR Tsuruoka station, the Shonai airport and Shonai sightseeing product house at this palace.
14:30-17:00 and feed are 8:00-10:00 for a messenger.
The reception number of people is accepting from one person, and is needing until 3 days before of stay day.
(It isn’t sometimes added at request time of the pick-up service.)
There is a frame of a presence of a pick-up service in the application form when making a reservation, in the case you have reserved from the internet, so please fill that out.

The following special period isn’t being welcomed and sent off. Please accept it.
Pick-up service exclusion day: 12/31-1/3 or 4/26-5/5 or 7/20-8/20
※ A pick-up service is a HP privilege. Then, orchid*, optimistic, it isn’t popular with your reservation, so please accept it.

Attention for payment
It’ll be a special fee, so the charge for HP will be only cash payment.
I don’t receive payments by credit card hotel vouchers and the gift card payments, etc..
Please pardon.