Tourist information

Shonai full of charm

I’ll introduce charm in Shonai.

Each season

Ski can enjoy and receive marine sports at winter, spring and summer in autumn from spring.

The facilities where tradition and culture can be felt and tourist attraction of a basic.
Please come to Shonai you can enjoy by all means from an adult to the child.

Shonai open set

The set built for photography of a movie is preserved just as it is, and it’s the lot opened to the public.
It’s located in the Gassan foot of a mountain and the photography which are many movies and TV dramas, etc. at a vast site is being performed.
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Kamo aquarium

In Yamagata-ken, a lot of creatures gather from a sea in all over the world and a river at the only aquarium.
The exhibition kind of jellyfish also takes pride in its best in the world at the inside.
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Akagawa fireworks display

I enter best 10 by 100 elections of Japanese fireworks, and that it’s outstanding by a fireworks event in the whole country, estimated Akagawa fireworks event.
The distance full of presence which is to the extent I look up, and a wide sense of the biggest da fried bean curd width 700m are highlights.
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Haguro-san Shrine.

The five-storied pagoda where it takes pride in its beauty dominates a mountain path, and there are stone steps of the leisure appearance and 2446 sections circled by an old tree of a big cedar.
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Yudono-san shrine

The garden groom tenyuu in Haguro-san reconstructed in an early stage in the Edo Period is a national designation scenic spot.
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Zenpo temple

The temple where Mr. Ryujin was offered.
I became the topic of conversation by “human face fish”.
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Chidou museum

Archaeology material, material in Meiji Period and related material in brother city Kagoshima are exhibited.
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The great treasure house

The red Daum who could commemorate the Emperor Taisho’s accession and build in 1915 (1915) and a white wall are a Western-style building of the feature.
Tsuruoka exhibits the material which praises a great achievement of the pioneers who bore.
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National designation historical site Matsugaoka Kaikonjou

The green Shonai clansmen opened after Meiji restoration is designated as a national designation historical site as the abundant earth.
There are equipment shed built with rice of an eating place and Shonai and Shonai movie village reference library.

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Honma art museum

A work of the hanging scroll and the work which tell the time age of Kiyoto kaku and Honma family is being introduced.
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Soma rou

Soma rou practiced as a Japanese-style restaurant “Aiba shop” more than the Edo Period.
It’s designated as a national registration cultural asset structure.
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Sankyo depot

It’s built as an accessory depot in a (1893) Sakata rice exchange in 1893.
Now passed for chiku more than 100 years is also playing an active part as active agricultural warehouse.
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Information on hunt of fruits
Cherry hunt and grape picking can enjoy apple hunt and pear hunt at Mr. KUDOU sightseeing farm in Tsuruoka-shi from the beginning of June to the end of October.
The customer who has reserved hunt of fruits from our HP can use the hunt discount ticket of fruits which can be used at Mr. KUDOU sightseeing farm.

Visit to hot spring resorts
The visit to hot spring resorts which walks Yunohama hot spring town concerning a public bathhouse and a footbath can be enjoyed. A drinkable spring place (the hot spring where it’s drinkable) is also established attached to the footbath which can be enjoyed for free of charge. It’s also fun while taking a walk to enjoy a visit to hot spring resorts again.