Guest room

A vast sea in the Sea of Japan,

gourmet travel starts with a hot spring under the eyes.

Information on a guest room

Some time of the relaxation when I look at a vast sea can be enjoyed in the quiet atmosphere.

All all except for a Western-style room is a room on the oceanside.

There are 2 rooms of Saou and Saikai, and the 1st floor of separation is the maisonette type of the 2nd floor continuation, and the bath is a hot spring.

霽海 -saikai-

The sunset I desire from an outdoor hotspring bath and the best relaxation.

沙鴎 -saoh-

Room with the trench kotatsu which enjoys a total excellent in quality

VIP room 鳥海 -choukai-

The superb view where a sea is held and the space where it’s simple though it’s elegant

General guest room

Some relaxation time when I look at a vast sea in the quiet atmosphere.

A bus restroom of all the rooms, the shower of all the rooms, air-conditioning of all the rooms, a television and a refrigerator call and air-condition a kettle pot, a tea set, a refrigerator and a desk lamp separately.
※ There is an outdoor hotspring bath for separation (Saikai)※.
Hand towel, body soap, hair dryer, warm water washing restroom, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, feather futon, comb brush, bath towel, yukata, razor, shampoo, hair conditioner, shower cap and cotton swab