Large indoor bath “hot water of evening calm”

The open hot spring Ushio smells and feels

The outdoor hotspring bath and the bedrock bathing which feel the open fragrance of the open tide in a large indoor bath and Yunohama are also popular.

Public bath large indoor bath| outdoor hotspring bath| sauna Hot-spring quality indication

【Bedrock bathing + mist sauna】
Summer suggests pleasant perspiration and suggests pleasant perspiration and calms down a flush of a body at a cool sauna.

The contents Large indoor bath hot-spring quality indication
Spa name Yunohama hot spring
Source name Yunohama 1, 2, 3, 4, number 5, public welfare limited company, number new 2 of dragon hot water and hot water source of a pine dance
The water sampling location Yunohama, Tsuruoka-shi 1-chome 22nd 12 Yunohama hot spring source Co., Ltd. southern supplying hot water place
The hot-spring quality Sodium, potassium and chloride hot spring
The temperature 56.1℃
The water addition source temperature is high, so I’m doing temperature control using tap water.
Run sink
Circulation filtration
A filter is being used for health management.
for health management, bath salt and sterilization are using the chlorine system medicine.
Effect Of a disease for which the medicine is efficacious cut, a burn, a chronic skin disease, a weak child, a chronic women’s disease, neuralgia, muscle pain, arthritis, a frozen shoulder, movement numbness and a joint, I stiffen, see, sprain, recover a chronic fire extinguisher ill, a hemorrhoids ill and a poor circulation after a disease and recover from fatigue, health promotion.
The attention when using a large indoor bath and a mist sauna

A large indoor bath is even absent from late at night 2:00-4:00, and a mist sauna is a good sleep to late at night 12:00-6:00.

※ Bathing after the check-out when summer swims in the sea, can’t be done. Please pardon.