Floor Guide

Space of relaxation

I’ll introduce inside of the building.

Some time of the cure.

Please enjoy one day at this palace to your heart’s content leisurely.

The lobby with a nice view where you can get a bird’s-eye view of Yunohama coast.
The sunset on a fine day is special.

【Banquet hall】
1 view large banquet hall (127 mats)
2 medium banquet halls (41 mats and 38 mats) 2 small banquet halls (16 mats)
Japanese-style restaurant SAZA NAMI The meal location of a small number of people will be this.


You can buy a memory at Yunohama here.
Popular DA DA CHA, there are goods of beans.

【Continuation of the party place】

Club “aurora”
A continuation of the party rises by right or wrong karaoke, and can I have it?

The outline of facilities
● 10 story of reinforcing rod,● accommodation number of people 250 people, 42● guest rooms (1 VIP room) Amenity in the● guest room 2● separation [hitousou] maisonette types (With a guest room outdoor hotspring bath, I have that.) ● Free parking lot full equipment (70) 2● banquet halls, 127 mats of large banquet halls and 16 mats of small banquet halls, 41 mats of banquet hall in* and 38 mats 8● Japanese-style restaurants,● public bath, large indoor bath outdoor hotspring bath and mist sauna Each 1 of men and women ● Pub [yo JIBEE] (seasonal business) ● Meeting room ● Lobby lounge ● Club [aurora] ● Shop

※ You can use an elevator for movement to a guest room and an eating place, but the movement means are only stairs because there is a bath the first floor of underground. There is also a handrail and the stairs aren’t steep, but please accept it beforehand.