Information on traffic

It’s moving around a shuttle bus at this palace.About a pick-up service.

Please also check the customer who will use a bus and a taxi here.

Information on a shuttle bus

* A shuttle bus is being welcomed and sent off to in front of JR Tsuruoka station, the Shonai airport and Shonai sightseeing product house.
* The reception number of people is accepting from one person, and is needing until 3 days before of stay day.


Attention of a pick-up service
It isn’t sometimes added at request time of the pick-up service, so please accept it.
There is a frame of a presence of a pick-up service in the application form when making a reservation, in the case you have reserved from the internet, so please fill that out.

The following special period isn’t being welcomed and sent off.
Pick-up service exclusion day:12/31~1/3、4/26~5/5、7/20~8/20

※A pick-up service is a HP privilege. Then, orchid*, optimistic, it isn’t popular with your reservation, so please accept it.