About your reservation

About your reservation.

Reservation guide in this palace

Your reservation method

I offer you these room charge in HP and plan charge by a special fee, so I’m receiving your reservation only from the reservation form so that I may confuse it with reservation from other media (travel agency and magazine etc), have a mistake and cause trouble to a customer.

I’m terribly sorry, but I’m not receiving by telephone so that it’s without mistakes.

Please make a reservation from the reservation form to have use a special fee of this HP and the internet reservation coupon.

Your reservation is this.

The present stay circumstances and vacant room confirmation

Separation and VIP room

Separation plan VIP room plan

Day trip bathing

Meal and day trip bathing with a private room rest

When the occasion hoping for more than 4 rooms of your reservation and the reservation form are an error, please click this.

When a vacant room situation calendar is [question] (linchpin question).

Please tell the days and the plans, etc. you’re wishing more than the stay question form.

You’ll answer in a mail or the telephone*, and I arrange beforehand.

Your reservation method

1. A vacant room calendar is seen.→ 2. The room date you’re wishing is chosen. → 3. I enter in the reservation form and stay overnight, plan choice → 4. Confirmation of the estimate price and the entry contents → 5. The reservation form is sent.
→ 6. I receive the mail by which you are a reservation to a mail, so please check it.

When not receiving a auto-reply mail of the reservation immediately after a reservation transmission, please see this.

Information on the internet reservation coupon

The one limitation privilege you have reserved from this HP

I give my service to the time of dinner 1 drink.!!

1 sake bottle, a bottle of oolong tea or a bottle of orange juice, one person 1 service
※ It’s possible to exchange 2 sake bottles for a bottle of beer.

Discount sale on an admission ticket of the jellyfish dream house!!

Aquarium where it takes pride in exhibition kind best in the world of the jellyfish which opened a renewal on June 1, 2014
Adult ¥1000 → ¥900 and child ¥500 → ¥450 HP is this.

Discount sale on an admission ticket of sea SUPARU of inhabitant of a prefecture!!

he substantial facilities where condition hot spring feeling of an indoor pool and a swimsuit is the relaxation pools which can be tasted and running water pool water slider training rooms, etc.
Adult ¥600 → ¥480, high school student ¥400 → ¥320 and child ¥300 → ¥240 are free less than 3 years old. HP is this.

An optimistic travel and, then an orchid is special service only of a subscriber from this HP which isn’t in the internet reservation in addition to this palace.
Guidance of the internet coupon page is in the auto-reply mail you have reserved after a reservation form transmission, so please print the internet coupon out and use it by all means.

Change after your reservation and cancellation more than the question form, please.

The attention when using the customer who has made a reservation in the telephone and a reservation coupon

● The person who has made a reservation is calling and can’t have use [the internet reservation coupon]. Please be sure to reserve the person who would like to use a coupon more than the reservation form.

A customer of the internet reservation service ticket use request has make your reservation again once again from the reservation form by the customer who has made a reservation in the telephone in the case, in a request space, “I call, it’s already reserved.”, please fill it out. I’ll change it to reservation from the HP reservation form.

When there is no submission of the internet coupon at the time of check-in time, you can’t use the above privilege, so please be careful.
When it can’t be sent from the form about a question of the internet reservation coupon, from here, please.

Private policy

Personal information of registration is treated as important information by our site.

■ Definition of personal information of registration
All contents you input at the time of the name of the registration, a date of birth, the address, the telephone number and e-mail address registration.

■ The person who treats personal information of registration
1. This palace, president, manager and staff
2. Staff of the outside traders of our site operation (northeastern service of media).

■ The use reach of the personal information of registration
1. There are no cases that agreement of the registration person himself is lost, it’s opened to the 3rd person and it’s offered at all.
2. There are no cases that agreement of the registration person himself is lost and it’s used for our site operation by the unrelatedness contents at all.
3. Using personal information of registration, it isn’t invited to our site entirely unrelatedly.
※ But, the case with circumstances when it’s for elucidation obligation on the law is limited to the official facilities by which it’s for the police and a courthouse and information is sometimes offered.
It’ll be preliminary in this case or I place it on the web of an e-mail or our site after that and inform you of the effect to which information was offered.

■ About a guide from this palace.
News from our Japanese-style hotel, using a principle e-mail, it’s delivered.

■ About change, elimination and confirmation of registration information.
The registered person himself changes and eliminates it to the information registered with our site.
When O would like to do, please make a contact to this palace.

■ A question about a private policy?
This palace, president or northeastern service of media Please inquire to Daidoji.